is a safe, secure, and reliable website for downloading canon printer drivers. also To print directly from your computer, it is necessary to install the driver on your system. After the driver configuration is complete, you can use the software to control and instruct your printer to print the desired document All you need to do is visit and install the most suitable driver for your specific printer. Furthermore, the web page also contains online manuals of all Canon printer specifications.

Important Factors to Know Before Accessing

  • In order to access the website, the internet speed must be high quality and effective. In addition, the Wifi signal must be stable enough to avoid unnecessary interference or interference throughout the setup.
  • It is recommended to have a fast and secure web browser that should be compatible with your Windows or Mac operating system. Also, if your browser of choice is an older version, don’t forget to update it before launching the website.
  • It is important that your device should have sufficient space to install the drivers. Otherwise, uninstall some unwanted software that you no longer use to make space on your system.
  • Next, you must disassemble all components of your Canon printer, properly load the ink cartridges, and turn on the printer before launching
  • Also, it is recommended to connect your printer with the router via wireless or wired method before downloading the driver. Make sure the network status on your printer displays Connected.

Clear and Explained Process for Driver Download
Follow the step by step procedure to download the driver via

  • Start the download process by running the web browser that is pre-installed on your system. Then, type in the address bar and press Enter key to easily launch the driver settings page.
  • You will arrive at the Canon Welcome window. Here, you will see the Setup tab placed on the right side of the page. Just click on the Setup tab and the Product Selection window will appear on your screen in just a few seconds.
  • Here, you will see the First Letter and Product Name segments.
  • According to the first letter of your product model, search for and select a letter combination from the available options. A list of all printer names starting with certain letters will quickly appear on your screen.
  • Therefore, select the model number of your personal printer and you may see a “Select Your Region” window. Select the correct region and if you don’t find your specific region, you should click More. For, proceed to the next step.
  • The Canon IJ Printer Setup Driver download window will appear automatically on your screen. First, you have to validate that the same OS is selected where you want to download the drivers. If needed, make OS changes by selecting the options you want.
  • Finally, click the Download button, and the settings file will start downloading. Keep waiting until the driver is downloaded on your system.

Quick Installation Steps to Prepare Canon Printer Setup Driver

After downloading the driver via, Like ij.start canon ts332. See the details of the following procedure:

  • The file should show up in the Downloads folder if you haven’t saved it in another folder. Therefore, identify the file and double click on it. If you see the User Account Control pop-up box, the program is asking for your consent to make some relevant
  • changes to your computer. Therefore, click Yes.
  • You will get to the main window.
  • Select the language you like and from the main program screen, click Next.
  • To set up the driver, the program needs to communicate with the printer.
  • If the connection is successfully established, you will immediately see the name of your printer on the computer screen. Select it and the program will start searching for the most supported software that matches the function of your printer.
  • All MP Drivers, canon printer software manuals, and another list of programs will immediately appear on your screen. You are prompted to activate the checkbox of the software you want to install. Therefore, mark them accordingly and hit Next.
  • The installation will start. It’s worth noting that if you’re configuring driver settings on a Mac, you may see a Mac credentials window during installation.
  • Wait until the driver installation process is complete. Once done, the Successful Installation window will immediately appear on your screen.
  • Click Finish to restart your PC.

How to load paper into Canon printer input tray after driver setup?

  • From the top panel, Open the rear tray cover. Now you must remove the paper backing completely from the printer. Once you do that, you will see the feed slot cover. Open carefully.
  • After that, slide the right paper guide to the edge to fit the paper.
  • Now take a stack of A4 size paper. Also, make sure the paper is smooth and doesn’t fold from one edge.
    Enter the number of pages you want with the print side down.
  • Also, make sure that the paper length does not exceed the mark given on the paper guides because too many blank pages can cause paper jams.
  • Now, align the paper guides according to both edges of the paper. Do not shift the paper guides too much, as this can fold the edges of the paper and result in the page not loading properly.
  • Finally, close the paper feeder cover and gently push the paper tray back into the printer. Now access the printer driver on your system, send a print request, and try printing the page.