Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5220 Printer Reviews– The Canon has upgraded its multifunction device and Pixma MG5220 is the first product to show the new look. The Scheme of the black-silver scheme of the previous models, replaced by a black finish with a shiny piano, became fiercely. It’s an attractive appearance, but it succeeded.  Canon is dedicated to the energy review of its user interface, the only weak spot of the previous models. But It turned off the touch screen of $149.99 MG5220. Instead, it has developed what it calls an intelligent touch system that uses touch-sensitive buttons for some MG models (but not MG5220) and Light Guidance, in which some buttons glow only when they are real options. The menu system has also been redesigned.

On the side of the software, Canon has a feature to print a movie frame that selects HD frames from movies, automatically optimizes the image and prints it or saves it as a JPEG. There is an adapter for transparency of this unit or US. The Models for printing CDs and the inks Kit Chroma Life 100 have four colors, relying on microscopic droplet sizes rather than light magenta and light cyanosed inks for smoother accents. If you need a negative/slide scan, with red and green printing, MG5220 is not a model for you.

Canon has delivered us a module review and we used it as a primary printer and scanner for weeks before we write this review. Designed to be uniform at home in a dorm or home Office, MG5220 WiFi offers a quick photographic printer (including a universal card reader), a competent reflective scanner that can process originals up to about inch thick and ordinary functions For copying with a nice range extension/reduction.

The Automatic Duplex printer offers fast, high-resolution, four-color printing plus black color used for text pigment. Each colored cartridge is separate in the MG line, so you only need to replace the exhausted color. To protect the print head, the printer will not work with an empty cartridge.

The Scanner can handle reflective scans of 2400 dpi with shadow correction to scan books with 48-bit scans that are converted to 24-bit color images. The Copier functions include automatic exposure, from 25 to 400% recycling and copying of photo printing, among others. MG5220 also includes a card reader that handles more formats than most of its competitors. Rarely seen a cheap multifunction device that can accept Compact Flash and xD-Picture cards, but MG5220 does.

Typical of Canon, the many features of MG5220, some of which are hidden in the software applications. The New HD Movie Print makes it easy to print footage from Canon HD movies. Auto Scan Mode can automatically set up the scanner for the type of document scan and Auto scan. Automatic Duplex Printing makes it easier to use both sides of the paper. And Easy-WebPrint allows you to form Web pages for more efficient printing or creation of PDF files.

And those that have built-in wireless connectivity and scanning, print smartphone from iPhone and Android devices with the free photo printing app iEPP, built-in PictBridge, Bluetooth printing with additional USB Bluetooth adapter and built-in Memory card reader.

Good Engineering covers Canon’s packaging and packaging are among the best. Power cables, ink, and documentation are easily removed from the box before removing the two angular Styrofoam bumpers. This makes the printer easily accessible. Just take the bag and pull up, put your hands underneath.

After removing everything from the box, the question is to remove the black plastic piano and all the orange strips that hold the moving parts in place. Some of these tapes are hidden, so be thorough. We had worked with a printer for more than a week before we noticed the paper tray (lift the tray and look at the back).

The Pixma MG5220 installation Manual is a booklet, not a poster, but is easy to trace. And when we reached far enough to power the printer, the LCD line illustrated each procedure.

The Inclusion of the printer has been again. We Recommended The Power button control Panel, but we couldn’t find it. Looks like it still looks, but not yet. Look at the front edge of the printer. There he is. The General process is to install the print head (without touching one of the contacts, install the five ink cartridges, align the print head, and load it with paper). The MG5220 print Head is located in a carriage that has a locking frame at the top. You Open the spring frame, slide the print head in place, and fix it in place with the frame. It was a shop for special efforts and we were never confused about where we went where and how hard to push.

Canon cartridges are really a module to install. Shake the pack, twist the orange cap, and slide them into their socket in the print head, placing them downwards. A Red LED lights up to confirm that you have done it correctly. There’s plenty of room to work under the scanner, but enough. Canon advises you to work in a well-lit area, and we support it. One of the problems is that the whole plastic is black, so it can be difficult to see what you are doing, especially for older eyes. But enlighten the light and no problem.

Canon delivers two sheets of alignment paper with one corner so that you cannot navigate it correctly to the rear feed paper. It took about five minutes to print and scan the sheet, aligning the print heads. Obviously, only cyano-and black cartridges are required.

Wireless Setup. We Asked MG5220 to connect wirelessly to our network so that every computer in the House could print with it with the correct driver installed. You can also plug a USB cable into it to just one machine. To activate WiFi, you must first switch to the Setup menu of the MG5220 itself and find the LAN settings option. The Setting of WiFi WiFi WiFi is very easy, but it was not our experience.

We Configure WiFi devices that still visit our network. This simply means that we need to use WEP, not WPA, for our passwords. WEP can be problematic for newer installations, but we’re forced to use it if WPA is more secure. Connecting to a WEP-protected network seems to make the LAN setting a little more difficult for MG5220. It is Established that our network before the password is requested, is a series of numbers that identify any hardware device. It’s not something that suits us for any of our devices.

On MG8120 is explained the need for MAC address. Here There are two routers in the same network, so it is very easy to understand between two of their hardware addresses. We Just knew that this was the first thing that was listed, and then we received a WEP password that we expected. A Little later MG5220 is connected to our network and we can continue to install the drivers on our computers. You can, of course, simply plug a USB cable from the computer to the back of the printer if you prefer not to share it.

Software. With hardware installed and connected to the network, we moved the installation of the software. The Installation was an easy driver. Simply Insert the CD into your computer and select Easily Install the driver, Solution menu, and multiple apps. The New feature for printing footage of Canon is the part of Easy-PhotoPrint and not a separate application.


Canon Pixma MG5220 Drivers Download for Windows 32bit/64bit

Desc Drivers Support for:
XPS Printer Driver (Windows) Download Windows
Full Driver Software Package (Windows) Download
MP Printer Driver (Windows) Download

IJ Start Canon Pixma MG5220 Software Download for Windows 32bit/64bit

Canon Pixma MG5220 Software for Windows

Software Support for:
My Image Garden for Windows Download


IJ Scan Utility Lite for Windows Download
Quick Menu for Windows Download
Easy Photo Print Editor for Windows Download
Software Package for Windows Download

Canon MG5220 Drivers OS X 32bit/64bit

Desc Drivers Support for:
Canon Pixma MG5220 series CUPS Printer Driver(OS X) Download Mac
Scanner Driver Software Package (Mac) Download
ICA Printer Drivers (OS X) Download

IJ Start Canon Pixma MG5220 Software Download for OS X 32bit/64bit


Canon Pixma MG5220 Software for MacOS X

Software Support for:
Canon Pixma MG5220 My Image Garden Download


Canon Pixma MG5220 IJ Scan Utility Lite Download
Quick Menu Download
Canon Pixma MG5220 IJ Network Device Setup Utility Download
Canon Pixma MG5220 Easy PhotoPrint Editor  Download

Canon Pixma MG5220 Manuals Guide Download

Canon Pixma MG5220 Series Manuals

Manuals Support for:
Getting Started Guide Download




Guide Canon IJ Network Tool (Windows) Download
Guide for Quick Menu (Windows) Download
Guide for My Image Garden (Windows) Download
User Manual (Windows) Download
Guide Canon IJ Network Tool (Mac) Download
Guide for Quick Menu (Mac) Download
Guide for My Image Garden (Mac) Download
User Manual (Mac) Download

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