Ij Start Canon TS3122 Setup

Ij Start Canon TS3122 Setup

Ij Start Canon TS3122 Setup– The Canon PIXMA TS3122 is an all-in-one inkjet printer with scanning and copying features. Works with Windows and MacOS. The multi-color ink cartridge needs to be replaced when a single color runs out.


  • Low price. Compact and lightweight. Bluetooth 4.0 support. Good print quality overall.


  • No automatic document feeder. Just two ink cartridges. It does not have SD card and USB support. High cost per page. Maximum photo output size of 5 x 7 inches. Slow Printing of Documents.


  • The Canon Pixma TS3122, budget-friendly, prints well text, graphics and photos, but its low price also means that you have to give up some convenient features.

Connections and software
Since the TS3122 is at the bottom of the Canon Pixma-TS series, it has the fewest connectivity options. Standard connectivity consists of Wi-Fi and connection to a single PC via USB. You also get Wireless PictBridge for printing from some Canon cameras, including some digital video cameras. All other TS models come with Bluetooth, and the TS9120 from Canon $ 99.95 from Amazon supports Ethernet. Mobile connectivity features, though more expensive than its latest generation brothers, include Canon Print, wireless scanning and Pixma Cloud Link for connecting to various popular cloud sites as well as a cloud file storage.

Since TS series AIOs are designed primarily to work with photos, the TS3122 software package mainly consists of tools for scanning, editing, correcting, managing and printing photos. In addition to the drivers for the machine itself, you also benefit from Canon’s Scan Utility, a useful scanning interface, given the price and scope of this AIO; Master Setup to configure and monitor the printer; The Network Printer Network tool for managing the TS3122 on the wireless network; My Image Garden, a collection of enhancement and correction filters, such as red-eye removal and cropping; and a few others. Finally, there is a quick menu located in the bottom right corner of your monitor and consists of a set of shortcuts to most software and hardware features.

While the TS3122 is not the slowest printer I’ve seen recently, it’s not far behind. Canon lowers the TS3122 to 7.7 pages per minute (ppm); at 5.5ppm, only the HP 3755 has a slower rating. When you print the 12-page, slightly-formatted Microsoft Word document, the TS3122 reduced 4.8ppm compared to the 4.3ppm version of HP 3755. Otherwise, the TS3122 fell behind the Epson XP-440 by about 3, 5ppm, and the price of Canon TS5020 and TS6120Best at Amazon with about 8ppm. The Canon Pixma G2200 The MegaTank All-in-One, one of the supertank models of that company, which cheats on its economical bottles, not the cartridges, sparked the text document at 2.3ppm faster than the TS3122.

When I combined the results of printing more complex documents from PowerPoint, Excel and Acrobat, composed of colors, graphics and photos with the results of the previous Word document test, the TS3122 score dropped to 2.1ppm or to about 1 page every 30 seconds. Again, it only surpassed the HP 3755 (1.4ppm) model, but none of the AIOs in this group exceeded 5ppm or 10 seconds per page. Canon Pixma TS5020 and TS6120 had the best performance at about 4.7ppm. None of these AIO photo-centric consumers are well suited to produce more than about 50 pages of business documents each month.

If many of them excel, however, it is printing 4-by-6-inch (and 5-by-7-inch) snapshots. Given, the average print time of the TS3122 1 minute 4 seconds is not that great, but its latest generation brothers (TS5020 and TS6120) have been able to print the same pages in 20 seconds in our tests. Typically, if the driver quality is set to High or Best, the print time of less than 1 minute is good enough.

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