IJ Start Canon TS3351

IJ Start Canon TS3351

Canon Pixma TS3351

IJ Start Canon TS3351– Canon Pixma TS3351 is one of the most affordable multi-function printers we have ever seen. This might not be the fastest printer we’ve tested, but it manages to provide a good set of printing and connectivity features that make it a versatile choice for home users and students who need to print photos, reports, and other documents.

TS3351 Price
The model we review here is referred to as ‘TS3351 Black’, and we initially thought that it was just a basic black-and-white printer. However, it only refers to the color of the printer itself – because it is also available in white (TS3351) and red (TS3352).

And it turns out that the TS3351 MkII does provide a full-color multi-function printer, with a scanner and photocopier for a cheap-basic price of only £ 39.99. It is available from Canon and Amazon.

For some reason, the US version is called TS3320 and has a price slightly higher than $ 79 but Amazon has a red color for $ 49 and it’s only $ 39 from Canon.

See our best printer chart to see what else is available.

TS3351 Design features
Despite its low cost, the TS3351 MkII is a versatile multi-function color inkjet printer that provides an impressive 1200x4800dpi print resolution. The flatbed scanner is simpler, with only a resolution of 600x1200dpi, but it is still sufficient to scan occasional documents or photos for school reports.

It has a 60 sheet back paper tray and is capable of printing on a variety of papers and other media, including photo paper and unusual Canon 5×5 square stickers. Connectivity is also good for low-cost printers, with USB and Wi-Fi, and AirPrint for Apple mobile devices and Google Cloud Print for Android.

Canon also provides its own PRINT application, which provides more detailed controls for printing and scanning, and there are several additional software options, including a simple photo editor, which you can download for free when installing the main printer driver.

There are several signs of cost-cutting. When switching between different types of paper, we found that we had to determine the new paper size in both the printer driver software on our laptop, and also on the printer itself – which involved squinting at the small 1.5-inch control screen as we repeatedly tapping a button to browse various paper options.

There is no automatic duplex printing (two sides), and also no SD card slot for printing from a memory card. Even so, that is a minor quibble, given the very competitive printer prices, and of course, it must be able to handle most types of documents and creative projects that you provide.

TS3351 Performance
The high resolution of the TS3351 MkII ensures that it provides good quality for text, graphics, and photos. The text output is very sharp and sharp, and can really give a laser printer a run for its money.

This is not very fast, with Canon citing mono output at 7.7 pages per minute (ppm), while our tests actually approached the only 6ppm. Even so, it’s no problem for occasional use at home when you only print letters or other text documents at any time.

Color printing is also very good for inexpensive printers, with bold, strong colors and sharp eyes for detail. The contrast might be a little sharper, maybe, but it’s a lot to ask for a printer for less than £ 40, and the TS3351 would be good for printing selfies, or some graphics and charts for school reports.

Color printing is rather slow, with our tests producing speeds of the only 3ppm, compared to 4ppm quoted by Canon. And one 4x6in postcard print takes two full minutes to print, so the TS3351 is very designed only for occasional use at home, rather than churning page after page every day.

TS3351 Operating costs
As often happens, low-cost printers such as the TS3351 MkII can surprise you with a bad sting in the tail when it’s time to buy a replacement ink cartridge. That’s what happens with the TS3351, especially if you buy the smallest standard size cartridge.

TS3351 uses only two ink cartridges – one for black ink, and a ‘tri-color’ cartridge that holds all three colored inks (cyan, magenta, and yellow). Standard size cartridges cost £ 15.49 for black ink and £ 19.49 for tri-color cartridges. Both cartridges last for only 180 pages each, which works with a whopping 8.6p for mono printing and only 10.8p is acceptable for color.

The larger XL cartridge costs £ 21.99 for black ink and lasts for 300 pages. That makes the price drop to 5.5p, even though it’s still high enough for simple mono printing. Color printing is better, though, with a 300-page XL color carter for £ 21.99, and is readily available


IJ Start Canon TS3351 for Windows 32bit/64bit

Desc Drivers Support for:
Canon PIXMA TS3351 series XPS Printer Driver (Windows) Download Windows
Full Driver Software Package (Windows) Download
Canon PIXMA TS3351 series MP Printer Driver (Windows) Download

Canon PIXMA TS3351 IJ Printer Drivers for Linux 32bit/64bit

Desc Drivers Support for:
IJ Printer (Source file) Download Linux
IJ Printer Driver for Linux (debian Packagearchive) Download
 IJ Printer Driver for Linux (rpm Packagearchive) Download

Canon PIXMA TS3351 ScanGear Drivers for Linux 32bit/64bit

Desc Drivers Support for:
ScanGear MP for Linux (rpm Packagearchive) Download Linux
ScanGear MP for Linux (debian Packagearchive) Download
ScanGear MP for Linux (Source file) Download

Canon PIXMA TS3351 Manuals Guide Download

Canon PIXMA TS3351 Series Manuals

Manuals Support for:
Getting Started Guide Download




User Manual (Windows) Download
User Manual (Mac) Download
ScanGear MP for Linux (Operation guide) Download
 IJ Printer Driver for Linux (Operation guide) Download

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